Full Projects List

List of my latest projects. Only completed projects are uploaded here - incomplete projects will be uploaded when completed (duh). This list also includes simple projects that I make for school and presentations.

This list is incomplete, as recovering documentation for old works takes time. A large number of works have also been lost, so this list is incomplete. The list does not include anything created before 22/6/17, and is incomplete before 18/10/17. After 18/10/17, all projects will be properly uploaded to this page. For all of my 'missing' projects, you can have a look at them on my YouTube Channel, my Instagram, or my GitHub page.

Creative Commons License
All work below licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Other work within below works provided may require separate attribution.

Name Description Initial Release Date Latest revision Link
Personal Website rev3 The 3rd revision of my personal website 18/10/17 28/10/17
Nuclear Chemistry A quick presentation on the fundamentals of Nuclear chemistry. 29/8/17 31/8/17
How to get to space! A presentaion about rocket principles, design, and the fundamentals of orbital mechanics. 25/8/17 27/8/17
Robotics A presentation on the basics of robotics and is an intro to LEGO Mindstorms 25/8/17 27/8/17
Orbitals A short presentation on atomic orbitals. 13/8/17 14/8/17
The Standard Model A short presentation on the Standard Model of particle physics, including a description of Quantum Field Theory. 13/8/17 14/8/17
Kinematic Equations A funny worksheet with simple problems on velocity, speed and kinematic equations. 22/6/17 22/6/17