Full Projects List

List of my latest projects. Only completed projects are uploaded here - incomplete projects will be uploaded when completed (duh). This list also includes simple projects that I make for school and presentations.

This list is incomplete, as recovering documentation for old content takes time. A large amount of content has also been lost, so this list is incomplete. The list does not include anything created before 22/6/17, and is incomplete before 18/10/17. After 18/10/17, all projects will be properly uploaded to this page. For all of my 'missing' projects, you can have a look at them on my YouTube Channel, my Instagram, or my GitHub page.

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Name Description Initial Release Date Latest revision Link
Quantum Model of the Atom A presentation on basic quantum mechanics and the quantum model of the atom. 5/12/17 8/10/17
Differential Calculus A presentation on basic differential calculus, requiring a basic understanding of linear algebra and Newtonian physics. Ranges until the basic formula for instantaneous velocity. 25/11/17 27/11/17
Personal Website rev3 The 3rd revision of my personal website 18/10/17 28/10/17
Nuclear Chemistry A quick presentation on the fundamentals of Nuclear chemistry. 29/8/17 31/8/17
How to get to space! A presentaion about rocket principles, design, and the fundamentals of orbital mechanics. 25/8/17 27/8/17
Robotics A presentation on the basics of robotics and is an intro to LEGO Mindstorms 25/8/17 27/8/17
Orbitals A short presentation on atomic orbitals. 13/8/17 14/8/17
The Standard Model A short presentation on the Standard Model of particle physics, including a description of Quantum Field Theory. 13/8/17 14/8/17
Kinematic Equations A funny worksheet with simple problems on velocity, speed and kinematic equations. 22/6/17 22/6/17